Founding Member of Train: Charlie Colin was a founding member of the American pop-rock band Train. 

Known for Early Hits:  Train is best known for their early-2000s hits like "Drops of Jupiter" and "Meet Virginia." 

Passed Away at 58: Colin died unexpectedly at the age of 58. 

Cause of Death:  He died after a fall in the shower while house-sitting in Brussels, Belgium. 

Musical Journey:  Colin attended Berklee College of Music and played in a band called Apostles before Train. 

Singapore Stopover: After Apostles disbanded, Colin even spent a year writing jingles in Singapore. 

Train's Formation:  Colin, along with Jimmy Stafford and Rob Hotchkiss, formed Train in San Francisco in the early 1990s. 

Musical Legacy: Colin played bass on Train's first three albums, including the highly successful "Drops of Jupiter" and "My Private Nation."